In the age of technology, everything is connected to the world of the internet and there is no option but the internet to fulfill our needs. Everyone wants the answer to his question immediately. But some people still want to know WHY IS MY LAPTOP RUNNING SO SLOW.

During this era, time is everything. Lack of patient is general. But if your device has become slow then it would irritate you. You can not open any file on time. The laptop will take so much for opening anything.

Suppose Boss calls you and orders to send a file immediately. What will you do? Of course, you will open the laptop and will send it within time but if your laptop is slow then  It will take so much time to open and then in sending.

So you will start searching for why my laptop is running so slow. So If you are searching for this issue then you have reached a good place.

Here I will explain why your laptop is running slow. There is some main reason for which a laptop becomes slow.

These reasons are:

  1. Malware
  2. An excessive number of the startup program
  3. The hard drive is almost full
  4. An excessive number of apps are open
  5. Too many adds are open on the browser

Below I have discussed in detail how these things can slow your Laptop or PC.




Malware is the main source of the backing off of the Laptops and Laptops; it is possible that it is an infection, Trojan, adware, or spyware. All these have various qualities that arrange them, however, we will consider these as malware that is profoundly unfortunate for any working framework.

“Nowadays, infections most normally introduce a pernicious program that runs promotions haphazardly, which is a simple method to produce a pay for its maker”, Schoeffler says.

The initial move towards security is the establishment of some enemy of malware. Windows and Linux clients can have an enemy of malware application that can run the filtering procedure both out of sight and on request. For Mac clients, the application with the on-request examining will be increasingly reasonable.

Likewise having just a single enemy of malware application is adequate. Running such a large number of scannings out of sight may prompt a moderate running workstation.

“Infection filters hinder the works since they’re running out of sight”, Silverman says.

An excessive number of STARTUP PROGRAMS:

An excessive number of STARTUP PROGRAMS:

It is another factor of why is a laptop running so slow.  At the point when we download new applications and projects, they attempt to discover their direction and make a spot in the startup menu. We never realize what number of projects start running when the laptop boots up. This causes the backing off of the workstations and gravely influences its presentation.

“The most well-known reason for a moderate Laptop is an excessive number of startup programs,” says Aaron Schoeffler, a Laptop fix specialist at LaptopMd. “90 percent of projects need that authorization to begin when your Laptop begins so you’ll utilize them, and that can bring about a boot time of five to ten minutes. At the point when it at long last starts, a huge amount of projects are as of now running out of sight and in case you’re not utilizing a more up to date Laptop, that can back it off.”

Disappointment OF HARD DRIVE:

Disappointment OF HARD DRIVE:

“A hard drive approaching the finish of its life expectancy is a typical issue. Hard drives are made of moving parts that turn a large number of times each day and they do wear out,” says Schoeffler “For the most part, following a few years of steady use, there’s a high possibility that a hard drive is falling flat.”

The strong state; drive then again; don’t encounter a similar sort of corruption. These have a life expectancy of around 8 to 10 years. Be that as it may, SSDs are increasingly costly per gigabyte of capacity.

“Strong state drives are likewise multiple times quicker than a standard hard drive, and you’re taking a gander at going from a boot time of three to five minutes to 15-20 seconds,” Schoeffler says.

In this way, hard drive disappointment additionally stamps as one reason for the backing off of Laptops and Laptops.



In light of measurements, your Laptop execution is backed off to half when the capacity is 95% full.

“Now, there is no space to spare the brief records required for working projects, so maybe the OS doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to run appropriately any longer,” Schoeffler says.

Hard drive space is taken up by the projects introduced, their updates, refuse records, downloads, and so on. Have a go at tidying up the refuse records and uninstall the projects you don’t utilize or it gets downloaded itself.



Program expansions may upgrade your web perusing experience yet it gobbles up the fats execution of your working framework. Some additional items may broadcast to be popup blockers however they really may be the program adware to hinder the working of your Laptop.

An excessive number of APPS OPEN:


One can most likely chip away at a few applications on a workstation at once. Do you truly need to keep each one of those applications running on your framework in any event, when you are not chipping away at those?

More applications running out of sight are extremely hurtful not exclusively to the exhibition of the Laptop yet, in addition, gobbles up the RAM and circle space.

This additionally alludes to the utilization of a ton of web perusing tabs opened in a program at once. Have a go at shutting the pointless tabs to shield your work from being deferred. This is the transient answer to this issue within reach. I hope this guide of WHY LAPTOP RUNNING SO SLOW will help you.

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