Today we will discuss How To Move Itunes Library To New Computer. Moving records starting with one PC then onto the next may not appear to be simple, however on the off chance that you have a little help, you can undoubtedly do it.

A few techniques can carry out the responsibility for you. Every one of the game plans is excessively simple and speedy to perform.

  • Move the iTunes library Manually.
  • Move the iTunes library through EaseUS.
  • Home Sharing exchange iTunes documents.
  • Windows Migration Assistant for PC to Mac.


Move Itunes Library To New Computer

Stage 1: Open My Document there go to My Music there you will discover the iTunes envelope. Right snap on the symbol and decide to duplicate in the event that you need to leave the organizer in the PC and on the off chance that not, at that point pick cut. Presently glue it in the outer drive.

Stage 2: Now that the information has been moved to the outside drive now the time has come to move it to the next PC.

Introduce the most recent adaptation of iTunes on the subsequent PC. Interface the outside drive and duplicate the iTunes organizer from the outing to this PC.

It might take some time on the off chance that you have numerous records on the drive, yet it will move it totally.


Move Itunes Library To New Computer

EaseUs Pc is programming to move the iTunes library helpfully in light of the fact that this product uniquely made for moving the iTunes library.

EaseUs PC program empowers you to move iTunes to another PC with every one of the playlists, collections, TV appears, films, digital broadcasts, book recordings, applications, and different documents.

It is protected PC move programming that can assist you with moving applications, records, and your Windows accounts starting with one exchange then onto the next in various manners. It can likewise assist you with moving applications from between your PC drives.

Stage 1: Open EaseUS Todo PCTrans on your PC, select the “PC to PC” highlight and afterward click “PC to PC” to proceed.

Stage 2: Now you should ensure both of your PCs are associated with a similar LAN and have EaseUS Todo PCTrans introduced. At that point click “Proceed.”

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Stage 3: Now select your PC to which you are moving the library by its IP address from the gadgets accessible or click “Include a PC” and enter its IP address.

Stage 4: Now enter the login secret phrase of the objective PC and snap “alright.” If it doesn’t spring up, at that point click on OK.

Stage 5: Confirm the exchange course and afterward click on OK

Stage 6: There will be an Application alternative to ensure it checked and afterward click “Alter.”

Stage 7: Now beware of the iTunes library that you need to move to another PC from the rundown and snap “Finish” to affirm your determination.

Stage 8: Now click “Move” to begin the moving procedure starting with one PC then onto the next.

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Stage 9: The speed of the exchange procedure shifts dependent on the number of documents of the applications.

(Supervisor’s Note: I will propose you make a reinforcement of your library so don’t lose any significant information)


For iTunes 9 or 10:

Go to “Cutting edge” and afterward “Turn On Home Sharing.”

For iTunes 11 or higher:

Snap-on “Record,” at that point on “Gadgets” and afterward “Turn On Home Sharing.” Enter your Apple ID.

It is probably the least demanding approach to move your iTunes library starting with one PC then onto the next, and it enables the whole library to remain in a state of harmony crosswise over various gadgets. Ensure you have a reinforcement, as it won’t make a reinforcement.

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The prerequisites for Home Sharing are light. You need a similar adaptation of iTunes on PCs, a working Internet association, and an App Store or iTunes account. On the off chance that you don’t at present have an Apple ID, at that point, you can make one through the Apple site free.

  • Stage 1: Turn on Home Sharing on the one facilitating the entirety of the documents.
  • Stage 2: Go to your new PC and snap the “Store” tab and afterward “Approve Computer.”
  • Stage 3: Enter a similar Apple ID and turn on Home Sharing on this PC.
  • Stage 4: The menu will give the idea that will show an alternate choice. Snap the sort of media that you need to share and afterward select “Import.” The exchange is finished.


Move Itunes Library To New Computer or a Mac or a Mac to another Mac, at that point you can utilize the Windows Migration Assistant to move the information rapidly.

Stage 1: Download the program to your PC. This product ought to be pre-introduced on your Mac PC.

Stage 2: Open the program on your PC, click “Proceed.”

Stage 3: Go to Utilities on your Mac and open the product. Snap the “From another PC” choice when it shows up and afterward taps on “Proceed.”

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Stage 4: A code will show up on your Mac. Check it your PC or other PC and trust that a similar framework will perform. At the point when it does, click the “Proceed” button.

Stage 5: The menu will create the impression that will give you the choices

that you need to Move Itunes Library To New Computer. From iTunes, the organizer ensures that there is a checkmark on the correct decision.

Stage 6: Click “Proceed” one final time, and the documents will start to move from the old PC to the enhanced one.

When it’s done, at that point you should simply close the program and open iTunes on the new PC to guarantee that everything sufficiently moved.


This methodology is the fastest method to move the records, yet it is a constrained strategy since it will just move information bought through iTunes.

Stage 1: Before you, start synchronizes the entirety of your buys with your iPod, iPad or iPhone.

Stage 2: Open iTunes on the new PC and snap the “Store” tab.

Stage 3: Now select the “Approve This Computer.” another menu will show up requesting your Apple ID. Enter the data and select the “Approve” button.

Stage 4: It is currently time to interface your Apple gadget to the new PC. A menu will show up with two alternatives. Snap the “Move Purchases” alternative. In the event that the menu didn’t show up, at that point you can go to “Document,” “Gadgets” and afterward “Move Purchases.”

It will require some investment so show restraint. In the event that you have documents that you have not bought from the iTunes, at that point those records won’t move.


Presently you have all the techniques they all work extraordinary, yet it additionally relies upon your framework and inclinations. Move Itunes Library To New Computer then onto the next is typically a sensibly clear procedure.

While the Home Sharing alternative is likely the best one generally speaking, however, you can utilize any of the techniques to add your documents to your new PC rapidly.